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Wooden Gates
in Ascot, Reading and the Surrounding Areas

If you’re considering having wooden gates installed at your home or premises, timber is highly regarded as elegant and more appealing to the eye. Whereas aluminium or metal tends to be associated with industry, timber presents a natural homely and welcoming appearance. From our workshop, Camelot Gates’ team of professional installers designs, manufactures and fits timber openings which are guaranteed to instantly improve your property’s kerb appeal. 

Our services are available to domestic, commercial and industrial clients in Ascot, Oxford, Reading, Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey. The installations we work on are available as standard or electric gates, with all automotive processes provided and fitted by our professional team.

The Benefits of Our Wooden Gates

We are happy to work alongside you in order to create bespoke styles which will truly enhance the look of your property. To see the level of craftsmanship we put into every set of gates we design and manufacture, please click on our gallery page. You can also read our testimonials to hear the thoughts of our satisfied customers.

Below, we list the key benefits associated with wooden gates:

Environmentally Friendly

Having your gates constructed from timber rather than metal is another plus towards the improvement of your carbon footprint. The use of this natural product in such a sustainable way is a bonus for our climate-conscious clients

Ageing Process

Timber ages beautifully and, as hardwood is already a darker shade, its colouring will only be further enriched over time. With minimal maintenance – i.e. weatherproofing – your wooden gates will last decades.

Unique Installations

No two openings will ever be the same due to the individuality of the wooden planks we use in the manufacture of our products. Why not have an installation that is truly unique and talk to us at Camelot Gates about our range?

Hardwood Timbers

The trees from which our timbers are supplied tend to grow more slowly than others. As a result, the wood is more dense and resilient. Hardwood timber is extremely versatile and it is used in the manufacture of boats, furniture and musical instruments. It’s widely used within the construction industry due to its toughness and longevity. 

We recommend Iroko as one of the most durable hardwoods available. Due to the high content of natural oils in the timber, Iroko is more robust and less prone to twisting. Regardless of the type of entrances you’re looking for – large industrial sliding gates or small domestic side gates – this timber is renowned as one of the best for this type of use. Other hardwoods used within construction are Oak, Sapele and Teak.

Hardwood timbers are darker in colour with a tighter woodgrain pattern. Their denseness is proven in the weight of our openings and the long-lasting service they’ll provide at your home or premises in Ascot, Oxford or Reading.

Whether you’re looking for front, rear or side-entrance openings, farm or commercial security entrances, Camelot Gates is the company you need.

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