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Aluminium Gates
in Ascot, Reading and the Surrounding Areas

There are a number of reasons why our clients highly recommend our aluminium gates to friends, family and colleagues. Not only are they durable and long lasting, they are a cost-effective solution for anyone looking to improve security without opting for timber or wrought iron. If your home or premises is based in Ascot, Oxford, Reading, Berkshire, Hampshire or Surrey, then why not contact us at Camelot Gates for more information?

Our aluminium gates are suited for a variety of purposes, such as driveways, gardens, pedestrian entrances and more.

The Key Benefits of Aluminium Gates

If you’re uncertain as to whether this robust metal is right for your property, take a look at its many favourable selling points:

  • It’s Strong and Extremely Durable

  • They Are Completely Weather Resistant 

  • Aluminium Gates are Lightweight

  • The Metal is More Reasonably Priced

  • Gates are Easy to Operate Manually

  • Little Maintenance is Required for Aluminium

You may think that, due to its lighter weight, the material wouldn’t be as robust as hardwood or other metals. Yet it performs just as well, if not better. Reinforced aluminium has a high strength to weight ratio and, although it will never match that of steel, it is surprisingly resilient.

It’s almost three times lighter than the most commonly used metals in the manufacturing of gates. This makes them easier to operate, quicker to install, and a lot cheaper to use if fitted as electric swing or sliding gates. For our environmentally conscious clients, this is an added bonus. 

Based in Reading, Camelot Gates can add a powder-coated treatment to our aluminium gates prior to installation at your property. There are a number of positives for this, as we explain on our Ascot page. All parts of the gates, including the fixtures, last a considerable amount of time with this additional coating and remain the best gates in our range for minimal maintenance.

They are also completely impervious to all weather conditions, keeping their look throughout the year once protected with a powder coating. They aren’t affected by rain or damp conditions, so there’s no chance of rotten or warping timbers. Even without our additional treatment, the metal is somewhat protected from the elements but our team at Camelot Gates highly recommends taking that one step further in order to ensure the longevity of your investment.

Our aluminium gates are constructed to look the exact same on both sides. Whereas timber will have securing battens positioned on the inside of your property, you don’t have to look at any additional supports or fixings. 

We undertake all aspects of the installation of our wide range of gates so you only deal with our professional team. If you’re based in the areas we cover, then call us today on the numbers below and arrange an appointment.

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